CEMUS open events – autumn 2019

Welcome to an exciting autumn. We have put togehter a programme of public lectures and seminars that are open for all to participate in. We hope to see many of you there!

September 2: Rights of Nature as a tool for transformational change with Pella Thiel Hambergsalen, Geocentrum, 18-20

September 4: Academic writing with Academic Services, 10-12 Location to be advised. Keep up to date via the cemus webiste

September 5: Welcome to the Anthropocene with Owen Gaffney Hörsal 1, Ekonomikum, 10-12

September 12: Environmental Psychology and Communication with Karin Kali Andersson Hambergsalen, Geocentrum, 9-12

September 12: Spirituality, Sustainability and the Future of the Earth – Moving Mountains University Main Building, 9-15.30 (registration required– see CEMUS website)

September 19: CEMUS Project Café CEMUS Library Lounge, Geocentrum, 17-19

September 25: Framtidsakademin: Aktiv användning av solenergi i framtidens energisystem with Charlotte Platzer Björkman Mallas sal, Stadsbiblioteket, 18-19

September 29: Bio-relations Uppsala, an afteroon workshop with the Uppsala Art Museum Uppsala Art Museum, 13.1630, register here: tinyurl.com/y2tp8qgr

October 1: Learning to live with a lively planet: the renewal of the university’s mission in the era of climate change with Keri Facer Sal X, University main building, 18-19:30 (mingle from 17.15)

November 19: Neocolonialism and Ecological Marxism with Alf Hornborg Hambersalen, Geocentrum, 15-17

November 21: Displaced in a Warming World with Shora Esmailian Hambergsalen, Geocentrum, 10-12

November 27: Framtidsakademin: Framtidsstudier som verktyg i omställning till hållbar konsumtion with Åsa Svenfelt. Mallas sal,Stadsbiblioteket, 18-19

December 4: Framtidsakademin: Miljökollaps eller hållbar framtid? With Kajsa Kramming Mallas sal, Stadsbiblioteket, 18-19