May 26 The Nature of Politics: What we can and cannot change about it

Welcome to a public panel discussion with German and Swedish participants on the topic The Nature of Politics: What we can and cannot change about it

Date: Sunday, 26th May
Place: Kollaboratoriet, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala
Time: 17.00-18.30

On the weekend of the 24-26th May 2019, the initiative Arbeit an Europa (Working on Europe) will get together for the 8th time, this time in Uppsala, Sweden, to discuss the concept of “Nature” and its relation to European history, philosophy, literature and politics.

The public panel discussion will conclude the meeting on Sunday afternoon. We will discuss the natural limits of democracy and political representation such as its vulnerability to political corruption, the abuse of power, the new rise of populism, and its limited ability to address global issues such as climate change. A particular focus will be the comparison between Swedish and German perspectives. We invite everybody to the event and to join the discussion.

Arbeit an Europa is a voluntary and registered association of young writers and professionals, including Simon Strauss (author and journalist, F.A.Z.), Nora Bossong (author), Robert Eberhardt (publisher and gallery owner), Jan Starmans (economist), Barbara von Gayling-Westphal (lawyer), Lisa Schulze (UK government economist), Sarah Bühler (classicist), and Tom Müller (publisher and author).

Arbeit an Europa has the aim of strengthening European consciousness by exploring and questioning key concepts that have shaped Europe as an idea. Themed meetings across the year in different European regions and places – away from the capital cities yet representative for the overarching theme – involve workshops, public discussions, and the exchange of ideas with young people locally.

Previous meetings included discussion on the following concepts and terms: “Home” (Thuringia, Germany), “Elite” (Tessin, Switzerland), “Security” (Elsass, France), “Resistance” (Sicily, Italy), “Work” (Manchester, England), “Religion and Nation” (Torun, Poland).

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