Master Programme in Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development – Worldviews and Discourses – A Seminar Series, 5 credits

Start date: 2021/01/22
End Date: 2021/03/19
Course Code: 1MV553
Language of Instruction: English
Place of Instruction: Uppsala (Online)

About the Course
During the course, you will use social science theory to critically relate to different views on sustainable development and their ideological framings. Basic assumptions about how man, nature, development, technology, and economy are interrelated will be analysed by applying discourse analysis to better understand these debates.

Below you will find a link to the course syllabus and details about the course including the course books, preliminary schedule, and examination structure. This information is also available through Studium.

Course info & schedule


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Welcome to Introduction to Sustainable Development and Worldviews and Visions, Autumn 2020!

Here you will find the latest information related to the courses ‘Introduction to Sustainable Development’ and ‘Worldviews and Visions – A Seminar Series.’ Please keep checking this course portal for the latest updates, and if you have any questions, contact the Course Coordinators at &

Introduction to Sustainable Development (1MV550, 5 credits)

Worldviews and Visions – A Seminar Series (1MV552, 5 credits)

About CEMUS programme courses

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Introduction to Sustainable Development, 5 credits
The course is given at the beginning of the fall term for three, full-time weeks. The course focuses on introducing sustainability and different challenges in working in an interdisciplinary environment.

Learning outcomes from the course syllabus:

On completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • use and critically relate to scientific literature according to different disciplinary and interdisciplinary traditions and work methods;
  • analyse and discuss scientific concepts and their field of use;
  • critically relate to and analyse the history and development of the concept of Sustainable development;
  • scientifically communicate in oral and written form, within and between different scientific areas.


Sustainable Development – Worldviews and Visions – A Seminar Series, 5 credits

The two seminar series courses critically examine the concept and idea of Sustainable Development and consist of several different seminars (September-January and January-March) during which we will discuss a variety of topics together. We will also be visited by guest lecturers from different academic fields.

Learning outcomes from the syllabus for the autumn course. On completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • understand different dimensions of Sustainable development on a local, regional and global scale;
  • critically relate to and value different definitions and indicators of Sustainable development;
  • define and evaluate ethical questions with relevance for sustainable development;
  • critically relate to and value different actors’ visions of a sustainable future and different strategies to attain a sustainable society