Global Sustainability Studies

About the course package

GLSSThis fall semester course package of 30 credits offers you the choice of the following courses:

Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures 7.5 credits
What are the challenges facing humanity today and in the future? How can we create and rediscover sustainable ways of living on this planet?

With accelerating trends such as climate change, water scarcity, energy depletion, social injustice, economic crisis, resource wars and other challenges, there is a growing need for sustainable alternatives. This course connects guest lectures that describe the severity of the challenges and workshops that discuss the possible sustainable responses and solutions to those challenges within the context of a specific global city and region. Students will have the opportunity to link global challenges to their own local and cultural backgrounds.

Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Sweden 7.5 credits
Sweden is often portrayed as a world leader within the sustainability field, but does Sweden live up to that image? Which Swedish examples can serve as inspiration and a model for sustainability on a global level?

The concept of Sustainable Development has become one of the most contested and important concepts of our time. Although the concept was first introduced in response to environmental concerns, it has been defined primarily by the mainstream tradition of economic analysis and policy making, which tends to marginalize the issue of ecological sustainability itself, and sideline social and ethical concerns.

This course takes a closer, critical look at how Sweden has worked with sustainable development historically and how well current initiatives can serve as a model for sustainability on a global level. Discussions of Swedish examples also serve as inspiration for how to work with practical sustainability, as well as learning from mistakes made in past and current policies.

The Global Economy – Environment, Development and Globalisation 15 credits
How does the economic crisis effect globalization, people and the environment in different parts of the world? Which institutions and actors have the best opportunities to work for a sustainable development?

This course focuses on a number of economic issues and theories such as neoclassical, environmental and ecological economics, economic history, justice, power, development and alternative economic solutions. Throughout the course different perspectives, theories and examples are analyzed and discussed in sessions with knowledgeable and inspiring guest lecturers with long experience from research or other areas. The course also gathers international and Swedish students to a dialogue and debate concerning the current and future state of the global economy.

Sustainable Development – Project Management and Communication 15 credits
Do you want start up a sustainability project and reach others with your ideas? Then this is a course for you!

This course gives you an introduction to project management models for working with sustainable development that combine different practical and creative tools in planning, implementation, communication and evaluation. The course is designed for students that independently want to plan and implement a project idea that contributes to a sustainable development. The project process is done individually or in a group, and is communicated within the university or in another relevant context.

Autumn 2015 weeks 36-02 (September – mid January) – mixed (see the different course pages for weekdays and times) – 100% – Campus

Application Deadline: 2015-04-15 (Late application from 2015-07-15)

Enrolment Code: UU-19601 Application

Language of Instruction: English

Location for Studies: Uppsala

Selection: Higher education credits

Entry Requirements: University studies 60 credits

Fees: Application and tuition fees are required for students outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. Formal exchange students will be exempted from tuition fees, as well as the application fee. Application Fee: SEK 900.
Tuition fee, first semester: 65000. Tuition fee, total: 65000.

HT15 vecka 36-02 – blandad tid – 100% – Campus

Sista ansökningsdatum: 2015-04-15 (sen anmälan från 2015-07-15)

Anmälningskod: UU-19601 Anmälan

Undervisningsspråk: Engelska

Studieort: Uppsala

Urval: Akademiska poäng

Behörighet: Universitetsstudier 60 hp

Avgifter: För dig som inte har medborgarskap i EU, EES-länderna eller Schweiz krävs anmälnings- och studieavgifter.

Autumn 2015

This course package at CEMUS, a part of Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development, CSD Uppsala, gives you the opportunity to study and discuss the greatest challenges of our times in a creative and inspiring setting. Course info such as schedule, literature and examination can be found on course pages below:

Important that you make your selection of courses within the course package that you want to take no later than August 24. See courses above. If you have applied through, do your web registration at, maximum 30 credits. Note that if you want to include the course Sustainable Development – Project Management and Communication, 15 credits, you need to do a manual registration by sending an email to

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