Extended Deadline Feb 8: Work as teaching assistant / amanuens or course assistant / kursassistent at CEMUS!

Welcome to apply to work at CEMUS as a teaching or course assistant. The open positions to work with courses are listed below. Last day of application 2022-02-08.

Note: We have two parallel ads posted at the same time. One type of position, teaching assistant/amanuens, is a position to work at the university while you are a student. CEMUS model is student-led education, so most new employees come in to the organisation in this role. Apply for this posision first hand. The other position, course assistant/kursassistent, does not demand that you are an active student, but it does demand some prevoius documented experience of working with student led education. This position is also to coordinate courses, but is seen as somewhat more senior than a teaching assistant.


Open positions for courses fall 2022

The positions are for work at one or more of the following courses. Course with Swedish names are given in Swedish and to work with these you have to be able to speak Swedish. All other courses are given in English. Read about the courses at the end of this page.

Kurser som ges på svenska *

Omfattning 25 %, period 2022-03-15 – 2023-03-14

  • 2 positioner: Hållbar utveckling A, 30 hp (inklusive ansvar för momenten “Välfärd, utveckling och globalisering” 7,5 hp och “Kommunikation och projektledning för hållbar utveckling”, 7,5 hp)

Omfattning 17 %, period 2022-03-15 – 2023-03-14

  • 2 positioner: Global miljöhistoria, 7.5 hp (fristående samt som moment i Hållbar utveckling A)
  • 2 positioner: Klimatete, energin och det moderna samhället 7,5 hp (fristående samt som moment i Hållbar utveckling A)
Course given in English

Extent 23 %, period 2022-03-15 – 2023-03-14

  • 2 positions: Climate Change Leadership in Practice, 30 credits
  • 2 positions: The Global Economy – Environment, Development and Globalisation, 15 credits

Extent 20% period 2022-03-15 – 2023-03-14

  • 2 positions: Introduction to Sustainable Development, 5 credits + Sustainable Development: Worldviews and visions – a seminar series, 5 credits (Both courses are on advanced level and part of the Master Programme in Sustainable Development)
  • 2 positions: Sustainable Development – Project Management and Communication, 15 credits

Extent 17% 2022-03-15 – 2023-03-14

  • 2 positions: Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures, 7,5 credits
  • 2 positions: Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Sweden, 7,5 credits
  • 2 positions: Sustainability and Development in Latin America – Past, Present, Future, 7,5 credits

Find, and read more about, all the courses above here: www.cemus.uu.se/education

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We look forward to your application!