May 5: Deep Listening – Art at the End of the World club

Welcome to Art at the End of the World club!

When: Fridays, April 21th and May 5th, kl. 11.30-13.30

Where: CEMUS Library, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16

No registration needed

More information: contact enki.simmons[a] and anne.thompson[a]

Welcome to Art at the End of the World club! A fortnightly, interdisciplinary gathering for anyone who wants to creatively explore themes around humans, nature, and the ties between us. Each month has an ecological theme to guide the two sessions. During sessions we create art inspired by materials on the subject, then we share and respond to each other’s work. Any art medium (visual, poetry, film, music etc) and any level of experience is welcome. You are also free to attend any session, even if you have not come previously.

a brown bat hangs from a branch with wings folded. They look directly at the camera. Green leaves of the tree is visible behind.

What if you could hear like a bat zipping and swooping around the night sky, or a whale sounding the depths of the oceans, or elephants sounding the earth? Based on the philosophy and works of composer Pauline Oliveros, join us in exploring the possibilities of Deep Listening. As climate change and war radically and rapidly reshape our world, Deep Listening is an urgent tool for reaching a heightened state of awareness and connecting to all that there is. The practice asks us to pay attention so that we can be attuned to, rather than dominating, the living world we share with both human and non-human.

During these sessions we are keen to create a safe space for exploring what can be difficult subjects. Creating with and around nature can be a joyful and comforting experience, yet we must be mindful of the times we live in. Therefore, we aim to cultivate a supportive and emotionally open space where it is possible for people to express eco-grief and anxiety through creativity, while leaving room for hope. Despite the title, your work does not have to be about the end of the world!

Inspiration materials on the month’s theme will be available during the sessions and can also be found at the following links:

Inspirational materials: