Module I: Understanding sustainability – What are we working towards?

  • January 25 – Alan AtKisson

Naomi Klein – This Changes Everything (Introduction)

Bill Hopwood – Sustainable Development: Mapping Different Approaches

Alan AtKisson – Sustainability is for Everyone

Alan AtKisson – The Sustainability Transformation (Intro Chapter 6)

Johan Rockström: How we can all become responsible stewards of Planet Earth from TED Ideas on Vimeo.

Further reading:

Kate Raworth – A Safe and Just Space for Humanity: Can We Live Within the Doughnut

Robert Costanza – Building a Desirable Economy in Society in Nature

Johan Rockström – Summer in P1 Radio Programe (Interesting summary of a turbulent year for the environment movement)

TIPS FROM ALAN (things he mentioned in his lecture):

Pyramid Lite – tools to host your own pyramid workshop

17 goals website

Donella Meadows – Places to intervene in a system

Alan’s TedxUU talk on being effective agent of change (with song!)

Video on the biggest pyramid ever built


  • February 1 – Building a Pyramid


Alan AtKisson – Building a Pyramid (Extract)


Global Food Production (Divide within groups)

George Monbiot – Pregnant Silence

Sharon Astyk – How Much Did the Green Revolution Really Matter?

Erika Allen – Growing Community Food Systems

Dana Cordell – The Story of Phosphorus

Gareth Edward-Jones – Testing the Assertion That Local Food is Best

Michael Pollan – Why Cook?

Johan Rockström – Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity

Vandana Shiva – The Practice of Earth Democracy

Sherry A. Tanumihardjo – The Obesity Malnutrition Paradox

James Woods – Energy and the Food System

The Grist Special Series – Panic-free GMOs

Sustainable Development Goals – official website


  • February 8 – Innovations and Strategy

Karen O’Brien & Linda Sygna – Responding to Climate Change: The Three Spheres of Transformation


  • Assignment 1 – Extra resources

Sustainable Development Goals 

Natural Step: Four conditions of sustainable society

Richard Heinberg – FOUNDATION CONCEPTS: What Is Sustainability