Background: Conspirituality – Language, Myth and Community

The female-dominated New Age (with its positive focus on self) and the male-dominated realm of conspiracy theory (with its negative focus on global politics) may seem antithetical. There is a synthesis of the two, however, that we call ‘conspirituality’Charlotte Ward & David Voas ‘The Emergence of Conspirituality’, Journal of Contemporary Religion, 2011


I sensed from the time that I started it [The Work that Reconnects] a little over 30 years ago, that on one level it was to help people be better activists –more resilient, more creative, more responsible, more effective. And on a more ultimate level, I recognized I was doing it so that when things fall apart, we won’t turn on each other.Joanna Macy 'It Looks Bleak. Big Deal, It Looks Bleak' 2018