May 13: Call for contributions to CEMUSE Sustainability Festival

Good news! The CEMUSE Sustainability Festival is on again – Thursday May 28th, 2015!

To make the 2015 Sustainability Festival an event to be proud of, we would like to formally call upon contributions and collaborations to creatively take part in this unique and inspiring day.


Of course, like last year, the day’s activities will feature food, film, workshops, music and so much more!

In the recent past during the month of May, CEMUS has organized a conference investigating the future of higher education and sustainability. This year we aim to further build on the success of last year’s event which saw the festival format present us with exciting new opportunities. By co-creating a FESTIVAL that celebrates, showcases and spreads the CREATIVE and COLLABORATIVE spirit of the people involved in CEMUS education this spring semester and our larger network of collaborators.

But we need you to get involved and excited! CEMUS has booked spaces and rooms in and around Blåsenhus, including the beautiful outdoor courtyard, which offers every potential for interesting contributions/exhibitions/displays. Additionally, after the success of Alan Atkisson’s historic pyramid construction in 2014, a number of local and international guests will be contributing in different ways this year too.

More importantly, YOUR contributions are crucial to make the festival live up to its full potential! Your ideas, passions, pastimes and pet-projects can also be a part of this amazing event!

If you are interested in contributing in some way, please spend a few minutes filling out the form by following the link below – preferably by May 3 so we can get things rolling in time:

Call for Contributions – Form

Also, keep an eye out for us at this year’s Uppsala Kulturernas Karneval – May 23rd & 24th!

Preliminary programme for the 2015 CEMUSE Sustainability Festival:


10-12.30: CEMUS Project Fair and Exhibition

Students from Sustainable Development Project Management & Communication, Sustainable Design,  CEMUS Roots, etc. exhibit and share results of their work for a better world [in Blåsenhus Foyer]

10-17: Workshops, Lectures and film screenings – 

CEMUS staff, students, lecturers and others facilitating workshops and conversations [in different rooms, Blåsenhus]

10-16: Courtyard Activities – 

Workshops, games, etc.  [outdoor courtyard Blåsenhus]

17-evening: Garden Party

Barbeque, games, live music and more!
[In the Botanical garden]