Climate Change Leadership MOOC 2016-2017

About the Climate Change Leadership MOOC from 2016-2017

The Climate Change Leadership MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that CEMUS and Uppsala University offered in 2016-2017 at the FutureLearn platform is the basis for the new release 2022. We have made quite a few changes to the content for the 2022 online course and adapted certain features.

Climate change creates a situation of unprecedented urgency, complexity and uncertainty, but also opens up new opportunities for innovation and leadership. There are repeated calls for bold leadership and action within politics, business, organizations as well as from grassroots actors. However, the complexity and intractability of current problems may also limit the effectiveness and validity of traditional models of leadership within governance, management and development. Building on the broad spectrum of research and education at Uppsala University, this MOOC explores climate change and leadership from scientific, social and cultural standpoints. Students will learn to identify key arenas for Climate Change Leadership, and apply tools for creating change within their own personal and organizational contexts.

Graphic design, animation, recording and video editing by Ingrid M. Rieser