CEMUS Alumni Series

The Alumni Series directs itself towards current CEMUS students. Distinguished alumni guests are invited to speak about their current job, what it is like to work in various aspects within sustainable development, how they got there and what skills they have taken with them from CEMUS courses. All the sessions will happen on Tuesdays and first run in Hambergsalen, followed by an informal mingle with snacks in the CEMUS library from 7-8PM.

As CEMUS hosts a wide range of students, these sessions will run in English.


Program Spring 2020 

18 February 18:00-19:00 Hambergsalen, Geocentrum 

Melanie Rideout – Environment & Climate Advisor at Forum Syd & Coordinator GeMiNi Network. 

Melanie graduated from the MSD programme in 2016, since then she has worked at various places within the field of sustainability. From academia, working at Uppsala University and setting up the Climate Change Leadership programme, through to private sector working as Sustainability Manager for a data company. Today, Melanie works at Forum Syd – Sweden’s largest civil society platform organisation – where she is leading on environmental policy and is the climate and environmental specialist for all programmes and projects, with a particular interest in sustainability and innovation. Melanie also coordinates the GeMiNi network, a network for public, private and academic sectors to discuss how to address and integrate gender and environment within all our sectors.


25 February 18:00-19:00 Hambergsalen, Geocentrum 

Gabriel Winter – Environmental Coordinator, Knivsta Kommun

Gabriel has a background in environmental management and studied the MSD program 2015-2017. Since then she has dived into environmental protection within the public sector and is currently working both with the building and environmental office and the community planning office in Knivsta kommun. She is employed as the environmental coordinator and investigator in the environmental unit and has recently been tasked with working on sustainability issues together with the community planning office.





3 March 18:00-19:00 Hambergsalen, Geocentrum 

Sebastian Welling – Team & Project manager, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet

As part of the Life Cycle Management Group at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Sebastian works with projects that focus on life-cycle thinking and environmental performance of products and organisations.


Looking at products, several aspects such as for example transportation, energy and materials are highly relevant in order to assess the environmental impact during the whole life cycle. Impacts on an organizational level can also be analysed. This is highly important in order to reach the goals set in the Paris agreement. Whilst tackling the climate crisis, other issues cannot be neglected. By applying a lifecycle perspective, other environmental and social issues may also be included thereby providing a holistic picture.


Welcome to dive in to the world of Life Cycle Assessment at the CEMUS Alumni series and to find out how you can save 366.67 grams of carbon dioxide equivalents!





10 March 18:00-19:00 Hambergsalen, Geocentrum

Sakip Murat Yalcin – Head of Regional Development at Kulturens Bildningsverksamhet

After studying International Relations and trying out some different work branches Murat ended up working in the culture area: with all from administration to booking artists to project consultancy. He got the possibility to meet lots of awesome people working with all kinds of arts. Currently he is working at Kulturens Bildningsverksamhet, which is one of the adult educational organisations. They make life easier for culture workers.





17 March 18:00-19:00 Hambergsalen, Geocentrum

Amy Au – Digital Communications Manager at Right Livelihood Foundation & Communications Lead at the UN SDSN 

Amy is the Digital Communications Manager at the Stockholm head office of the Right Livelihood Foundation, which presents annually the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize.” She specialises in communications strategy, as well as digital campaigns and activations in the field of sustainability and human rights.

Outside of her current role, she is also the Communications Lead at the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth Initiative (UN SDSN-Youth), Storyteller for the UN SDG Action Campaign, and Communications Advisor for Regeneration 2030, a youth-led SDG movement in the Baltic Sea region.

Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked as a Digital Communications Manager at Danish sustainability think tank Sustainia in Copenhagen, and a journalist in Hong Kong with a focus on environment and development issues.

Amy holds an MSc. in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford and furthered her studies in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University.


If you have any questions, comments or ideas, feel free to contact Dani at daniela.ceder@cemus.uu.se