CEMUS Sustainability Month

Welcome to CEMUS Sustainability Month in May. We have put togehter a program of all the open events in May, in and close to Uppsala. All are open for participation from the public and you are welcome to attend. (Please note that the Climate Existence 2018 conference requires registration).

April 26, 17-19 @ Lecture Hall IX, Main University Building:
Sustainable Development in Brazil: A Strategic View
Dr. Hussein Kalout (Special Secretary for Strategic Affairs in Brazil)
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May 2, 15-17 @CEMUS Library/Lounge, Villavägen 16:
A Fika Conversation:
From Anti-University to Ecoversity
Karim Yassin-Goessinger (Founder of the Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
A Pedagogy of the Light in the Eyes
Jan von Boeckel (Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn)
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May 3, 17-19 @Kollaboratoriet:
Pluralism in economic research: a critical perspective
Ernest Aigner (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
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May 7-9 @Situnastitelsen:
ClimateExistence Conference 2018
More information and registration (required) here

May 16, 18-19 @Uppsala Stadsbibliotek:
Framtidsakademin: Hur påverkar propaganda och desinformation valet?
Ester Pollack (docent i journalistik, Stockholms universitet)
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May 25, @Humanistiska Teatern:
Uppsala Sustainability Festival