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Water is not only the basis of life for animals and plants, but is also likely to become a contested resource in parts of the world in the coming decades. According to UN figures, global water stress, i.e. the proportion of water withdrawn for use in industry, agriculture or private households in relation to available water, was manageable at 18.2% in 2020. In 2022, however, 2.4 billion people were living in areas that are exposed to extreme water stress in some cases.


Climate change indicators reached record levels in 2023: WMO

The state of the climate in 2023 gave ominous new significance to the phrase “off the charts.”


Counteracting climate denial: A systematic review

By Laila Mendy et al

Despite scientific consensus on climate change, climate denial is still widespread. While much research has characterised climate denial, comparatively fewer studies have systematically examined how to counteract it. This review fills this gap by exploring the research about counteracting climate denial, the effectiveness and the intentions behind intervention.


Harvard has halted its long-planned atmospheric geoengineering experiment

By James Temple

The decision follows years of controversy and the departure of one of the program’s key researchers.

Azerbaijan appoint state oil company veteran as Cop29 president

By Joe Lo

Mukhtar Babayev spent 26 years at Azerbaijan’s state-owned oil and gas company Socar, where he tried to limit the company’s environmental damage.


A Pennsylvania County Is Suing the Fossil Fuel Industry for Damages Linked to Climate Change

By Kiley Bense

Bucks County filed the first climate accountability lawsuit in Pennsylvania, accusing oil and gas companies of carrying out “tobacco industry-style campaigns to deceive and mislead the public.”



When Trees No Longer Milk the Sky by Dougald Hine

Sunday Sessions #3: Talking a living climate with Rob Lewis

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