Climate Change Leadership in Practice: an open events series hosted by CCLIP Studentsts

Over the course of the semester the Climate Change Leadership in Practice students are running different activities and events as part of their leadership works.

You can find a regularly updated summary of these events here:

Planet Artivism 

There is large amounts of scientific evidence that climate change is an issue we are facing today and in the near future. The problem is a lot of people can feel helpless and overwhelmed in how they can, as an individual, make much of a difference.

Planet Artivism will be running a workshop on Friday 1st November 16-18 in the CEMUS Library.

In this workshop you will learn how you can use the arts as a form of protest for climate action- from drawing, to poetry, to writing stories- this is an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing for an important cause! This is the first workshop of several that will be happening throughout Sweden as a way of asking different municipal leaders to call a climate emergency. Come and learn how to be a Planet Artivist; use your pens for power!

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Zero Plastic Week Uppsala 2019

Do you want to cut down on your plastic consumption? Become more environmentally friendly and self-sustainable? And learn some handy zero-plastic tips and tricks?

JOIN THE ZERO PLASTIC WEEK UPPSALA 2019! The Zero Plastic Week will take place from 4th – 10th November 2019.

We will help you to start making these steps in the sustainable direction! Follow our Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about our workshops, tips & alternatives.
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