Welcome onboard the Climate Express to the UN Climate Change Conference COP 26 in Glasgow November 9-20, 2020!

The Centre for Environment and Development Studies, CEMUS, and the Zennström Climate Change Leadership Node, invites you to join us on an experimental learning journey to COP 26 in Glasgow!

We are now investigating and looking for funding for the Climate Express. If you want partner with us and contribute with content and/or funding please contact Daniel Mossberg, daniel.mossberg@cemus.uu.se.


Concept – why travel with us?
The concept idea is simple – people will travel to the COP-meeting in Glasgow – why not organize a joint train trip there? An inspirational, fun, critical learning journey where different climate activists, artists, educators, researchers, politicians, diplomats come together and meet, experience, open up new perspectives, developing new strategies for how to make meaningful change at the COP-meeting and relate to the continuing climate emergency. The idea is to use different meeting formats, pedagogical tools and ways of communicating that makes the conversations both meaningful, effective, eye-opening. Creating a space for thinking and feeling, understanding and courageous action. You contribute with your time, energy and passion – we organize the travel and externally fund the travel costs and accommodation along the way.


Practical information – travel and stops along the way
The journey to Glasgow starts from Stockholm but you can join up from anywhere along the travel route, either from the start or along the way. We will travel on different chartered trains (when possible) with room for around 250 people, with restaurant, movie and other special carriages to enable a creative, spontaneous and practical environment for the program on the train. At each stop, Copenhagen – Cologne – Paris – London, we will organize open events, meetings, mini-conferences and cultural events in collaboration with local organizations, universities and contacts. Accommodation is included, you buy your own food, with some joint dinners offered for a not-for-profit price.

Preliminary travel plan:

    Day 1: Stockholm (morning) – Copenhagen (6 hours) (SJ)
    Day 2: Copenhagen – Cologne (Danske Ban/Deutche Bahn)
    Day 3: Cologne – Paris (Deutche Bahn)
    Day 4: Paris – London (Eurostar)
    Day 5: London – Glasgow (UK Rail)

Travel back from Glasgow is organized by you, but you can always connect with others and travel together.


Information on UN Climate Change Conference COP 26 in Glascow 2020
See the offical webpage here: https://www.ukcop26.org/ and follow The Guardian’s reporting here: www.theguardian.com.


Inspiration for the Climate Express
The Baltic University Programme’s SAIL-course (Sustainability Applied in International Learning) on onboard the Polish tall ship Fryderyk Chopin.

“The Listening Train: A Collaborative, Connective Aesthetics Approach to Transgressive Social Learning” by Dylan McGarry.