Courses at CEMUS autumn 2019 – spring 2020 – to be decided

A big thank you for all your time and participation to everyone who has been involved in the program and course development process from the early spring to now!

We started the process in April with work on suggestions for new bachelor and master programs and continued with course development meetings in May-June, where for students and staff could suggest new courses as well as changes to existing courses.

In August-September, staff were encouraged to send in more suggestions. Moving on from there, we have after some rounds of discussions organised a syllabus meeting we worked on these courses:

  • Sustainability and Development in Latin America – Past, Present, Future 7.5 hp
  • Climate Change Imagination – Ecopsychology, Art and Narratives 7.5 hp
  • Sustainable Economic Futures – Nature, Equity and Community 15 hp
  • Reimagining Education – Learning, Knowing and Doing in a Changing World 15 hp

Now the process is moving on – the input will be explored from all the work done and then processed at CEMUS. After this, hopefully great new courses will be able to be suggested to the faculty who then takes the decisions in collaboration with others. Fingers crossed!

The bachelor and master programs we suggested to the Teknat-faculty seems to have been rejected at lower level meetings.

We are looking forward new and returning courses at CEMUS autumn 2019 – spring 2020, and welcome all to be part of it again next April!