Dec 1: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Climate Action

The course Climate Change Leadership in Practice (CCLIP) has now for the first time taken place at CEMUS. On December 1st, a special event organised by CEMUS Students from the course Climate Change Leadership in Practice will be hosted in Hambergsalen Geocentrum

When? – December 1st, 13:00-16:00
Where? – Hambergsalen, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16 Uppsala
How do we overcome climate inaction? What can guide us to be proactive and reactive to these pressing challenges?

The answer to these questions will be explored during an active-participation workshop led by CCLIP students. Not only will the learnings and achievements from the course be summarized, but attendees are expected to actively contribute and discuss how to CREATE climate action and how to OVERCOME the barriers that stop us.
We want to take the opportunity to communicate and share the experiences we have had during the course and break them down into discussions on how to move further.

Top down initiatives, are one step towards a sustainable future but we, with BOTTOM-UP initiatives, have a GREAT place to make this happen. The best way to do this is to join and work together, sharing our ideas and building a vision on how a sustainable future will look and to start working towards it.

YOUR ROLE: To participate and share your views, experiences and knowledge on how to solve these issues for a more sustainable future – together so much more can be achieved

The workshop are arranged by CCLIP-students of CEMUS from Uppsala University :

Aura, Jouni – Entrepreneurship (Finland)
Cacciapuoti, Gianluca – Project on water pollution (Naples, Italy)
Engwall, Theresé – Project on education in highschool (Sweden)
Guselin, Isabelle – Project on Circular Economy (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Gustafsson, Eric – The Wave of The Future – Environmental blog (Uppsala, Sweden)
Herrero, Pauline – Project on Engaging communities to built their vision of sustainability (Uppsala, Sweden)
Häggström, Christer – Entrepreneurship (Uppsala, Sweden)
Kamete, Alvin Dannie – Project audiovisuel (Uppsala, Sweden )
Karlsson, Sophia – Project in Education (Stockholm, Sweden)
Nevin, Dominic – Project in Transport (Uppsala, Sweden)
Opazo Gezan, Matias – Project in Communication about Climate Change (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
Voulgaridis, Theo – The Wave of The Future – Environmental blog (Uppsala, Sweden)
Waller Karlsson, Björn – Project on Insects-based food (Uppsala, Sweden)
Winter, Gabriel – Project on Water policies (Knivsta, Sweden)