Dec 11: Back to the Futures We Want – How do we get to sustainable futures?

In the darkness of December we often look forward to the light of St Lucia’s Day, so too in face of today’s global challenges we look for the little bright seeds of our sustainable futures.
What would a ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable society look like? Society calls for a radical change in our imagination, for different visions of our society and our goals, and to discuss concretely how we can transform our societies towards these alternative directions. Students in the course ‘Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures’ have developed visions of sustainable futures for different regions in the world of year 2040 and come up with strategies to reach these visions. Come listen and discuss with them at this mingle.
What is the future we want? How could we get to such sustainable and desirable futures?
Welcome… Back to the futures we want!
@Stadsbiblioteket, Tuesday 11th December 17.15-19.30

This event is organized by the course Global Challenges & Sustainable Futures at CEMUS (Center for Environment and Development Studies), joint centre at Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).