Feb 9: Sustainable Future Cities– workshop with Japanese students

Welcome to a morning seminar & workshop with our visitors from Yokohama City University (YCU) in Japan, to hear about case studies from Japan, to exchange ideas about sustainability in different parts of the world, and develop ideas for the future together.


Professor Ao and his students from the Environmental Policy group (as known as the ‘Blue Laboratory’) at Yokohama City University have visited us at CEMUS for many years, and are eager for the visit this time around too.


What sustainability issues & initiatives are ‘hot’ in Uppsala? … and in Japan?

What have you been learning at CEMUS? … and in Yokohama?


We will have some presentations from the Yokohama students, CEMUS students, and some activities to discuss and develop some ideas! … and of course Fika will be provided J


Warmly welcome to all!



Time: Thursday, February 9th 9:30-12:00

Place: CEMUS Library, Villavägen 16, Uppsala





[ Presentation topics by Yokohama students: ]
  • Sustainable Consumption in Yokohama

How is the situation of sustainable consumption products in the shops of the arcade shopping streets of Yokohama, and of the consumers? Results of the field surveys


  • Energy system for disaster response and smart city with solar energy

How can we develop energy systems resilient towards the abundant natural disasters in Japan? Solar energy system and independent distributed energy system as a solution


  • Air pollution – Statistical Analysis and Estimation of China’s Environmental Policy: to Make Suggestions

How are China’s air pollution problem and its policy to improve the situation? Analysis and suggestions


[ Presentation topics of CEMUS students …coming soon! ]
  • Slow Fashion

Last fall 6 students embarked on a project entitled ‘Upcycle is the New Black,’ aimed at communicating the problems in the fast fashion industry and emphasising the opportunities within a slow fashion alternative. In addition to arranging a screening of ‘The True Cost’ the team selected and re-designed clothing items from second hand stores in Uppsala. These unique pieces were then displayed and auctioned at the Uppsala Sustainability Festival with proceeds supporting Uppsala’s second hand stores.