LIVE ONLINE: March 12: Fritjof Capra and guests “The Science of Leonardo da Vinci”

The event was live-streamed via Zoom

Welcome to an open afternoon with Fritjof Capra and guests titled “The Science of Leonardo da Vinci”

This event is organized in collaboration with the Sigtuna Foundation, Agora for Biosystems and CEMUS.

Date and time: Thursday March 12 at kl. 13.00-17.00 (note 13.00 sharp)
Venue: Bertil Hammer Lecture Hall, Blåsenhus, von Kramers allé 1 (click to see detailed map)


About the event
Last year it was 500 years since the Renaissance man and universal genius Leonardo da Vinci died. Leonardo is perhaps best known as an artist, but he also made great contributions as architect, engineer, inventor, mathematician, philosopher, and scientist. Fritjof Capra has written two books on the scientific writings and drawings of Leonardo, which reveals a groundbreaking science of living forms, which can be seen as a forerunner of today’s complexity and systems theories. It is a science that honors and respects the unity of life, recognizes the fundamental interdependence of all natural phenomena, and reconnects us with the living Earth. At this seminar, Fritjof Capra will present these ideas, together with some broader perspectives on Leonardo and the Renaissance, given by Uno Svedin, Nina Burton, and Alf Linderman.


13:00 Welcoming: Alf Linderman (Sigtunastiftelsen), Hans Liljenström (SLU and Agora for Biosystems) and Daniel Mossberg (CEMUS)
13:15 Fritjof Capra: Leonardo and his science
14:15 Break
14:30 Uno Svedin: Reflections on Leonardo da Vinci, his time, and our time
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 Nina Burton and Alf Linderman Dialogue on the Renaissance
16:00 Panel and questions from the audience
17:00 End
About Fritjof Capra
Fritjof Capra is a physicist and systems scientist, and is the author of a number of highly acknowledged books, such as The Tao of Physics (1975), The Web of Life (1996), and The Science of Leonardo (2007), and Learning from Leonardo (2012). He has also authored, together with Pier Luigi Luisi, the interdisciplinary textbook, The Systems View of Life (2014), which is the basis for his online course (


Luca Pacioli´s book De Divina Proportione illustrated by Lonardo da Vinci. Photo credit: Creative Commons licence:


Don’t miss the one-day event with Fritjof Capra “Can systems thinking help solving our global problems?” at the Sigtuna Foundation March 14
The great challenge for our time is to create sustainable societies, which not negatively affect the capacity of Nature to maintain life. This requires an ecological systems thinking and Dr. Fritjof Capra has for long developed a theory for this, which implies that we have to view the world as a network of relations, rather than as a machine. In this seminar, Dr. Capra will present such a systems thinking that integrates the biological, cognitive, social and ecological dimensions into a theory, unifying matter, life, and consciousness. He will also discuss some social and political consequences of such a perspective. Above all, how such a systems thinking will help us handle the global crises that we and our planet are facing. Dr Capra emphasizes that all problems are interlinked and depend on each other and therefore must be solved together, and that we have to shift focus from a quantitative to a qualitative growth.

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