Get involved in a project!

Are you interested in joining a group or a project that works with sustainability? These are the projects represented at the project café, September 13 at CEMUS. Thank you everyone who came!




  • Studera Utan Gränser: This project is supporting students and higher education in conflict regions.


  • Erasmus Project on Ecopreneurship



  • Uppsala Sustainability Summit:
    When: 24-26th October 2018
    Contact: Laila Mendy





  • Uppsala Stadsmission: A non-profit organisation collaborating with 15 supermarkets around Uppsala to redistribute food-waste to those in need.


  • Rethinking Economics Uppsala: This project focuses on the diverse aspects of contemporary economics and creates a space for debate surrounding how economics is taught within Uppsala, with particular focus on sustainability.





  • 17 Goals: A web page on the SDG’s set up by Alan AtKisson, now coordinated by CEMUS. Students are welcome to work with content, articles etc. to keep the page develop
    Web page: