June 1: Clean Tech Challenge for Cities – Keynote presentation by Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson, Uppsala University’s Zennström professor in Climate Change Leadership will be giving a keynote lecture at the Clean Tech Challenge for Cities event on June 1 at 9 Am in The Aula at Polacksbacken, Uppsala.

The rapid population growth in urban areas comes with an enormous need for development of more innovative, sustainable, and smart solutions. Therefore a larger market for new innovations and technologies, which can make our cities more sustainable, cleaner, healthier and safer is required. Such sustainability innovations and clean technologies can make sure that Sweden stands at the forefront of the development and provide new ground for better, healthier, safer and more convenient living in urban areas.

The “CleanTech for Sustainable cities” is an event in Uppsala that introduces such technologies and brings innovators, academics, environmental & sustainability enthusiasts, public organisations, open minded corporations and sustainable cities together.

More information at: https://community.cleantechchallenge.se/