June 3-4: Amazonia – International decolonial journey

Welcome to the two-day event “Amazonia – International decolonial journey” organized by the Climate Students at Uppsala University!

Hello and Welcome to Amazonia!

Klimatstudenterna is excited to present to you a 2-day Decolonial Journey about the Amazon in Uppsala. We aim to put forward the current situation in the Amazon forest and communities. Our motivation is to amplify the echoes heard in the Amazon and spread them across the world. Amazonia will take you through a #Journey that #Connects you with the Amazon and her people.

Here is the program outline:

  • Day 1: 3rd of June 2022 (Event Opening, Amazon Sessions, Documentary & Discussions)
    Trädgårdsgatan 7E, room 124 and 121
  • Day 2: 4th of June 2022 (Fieldtrip, Photo exhibitions, Amazon Sessions, Community Stories, & Event Closing)
    Ångström Lägerhyddsvägen 1, room 101174 & 101170

This event is in collaboration with Meli Bees Network, an NGO that aims to support Amazonian communities and the regeneration of the Amazon forests. The event is organized in multiple places over the globe. Join us for this amazing event here in Uppsala on the 3rd and 4th of June! (Limited seats available!). Follow the event on Facebook to receive updates! You can also find the registration link here.


  • Ana Rosa de Lima on the communities in the Amazon & decolonialism, Director and iniator of Meli Bees Network.
  • Lisbeth Christoffersen on the history of colonization in Brazil, Professor at the University of Copenhagen with a focus on indigenous peoples’ collective landscape management.
  • Alex Brekke on human right violations against indigenous people in the Amazon, Secretary-General of Amazon Watch Sweden.
  • Harsh Vardhan Bhati on the social, environmental and political context of deforestation in the Amazon, Harsh Vardhan Bhati is a doctoral candidate in Environmental Law at the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University.
  • Gabriel Costa Oliveria on the Amazonian flora & fauna and how this is impacted by deforestation and climate change, Volunteer consultant for Meli Bees Network.
  • Ingemar Södergren on forestry in Sweden and the interconnections with forestry in Brazil (field trip in Hågadalen-Nåsten), Organizer of forest inventories with Nya Skogsgruppen Uppsala, a nature organization that aims to identify and register protected species that may be present in these forests to prevent them from being logged.

The Amazonia event is organized in close collaboration with Meli Bees Network. But who is this organization, and what do they do?

Meli Bees Network is a non-profit organization based in Germany with strong roots in some of the most endangered areas in the Amazon. The organization advocates a decolonial mindset to understand the challenges indigenous people are facing in and around the Amazon. They have gathered vast inputs from the people living there and aim to support the traditional communities in the regeneration of the region through native Meliponini beekeeping, regenerative agriculture, forest protection, knowledge generation, and storytelling. Meli Bees aim to spread their wings and extend knowledge on the Amazon and make the indigenous voices to be heard all over the world.

We are excited to collaborate with Meli Bees Network to bring forward some of the pressing issues of our time. We hope to see you here on 3-4 June in Uppsala to share this special moment! (Limited places, so make sure to register!).