Kollaboratoriet leaving Östra Ågatan 19

CEMUS and our partners have decided to move out of Kollaboratoriet at Östra Ågatan 19. Instead of keeping an empty space and continuing to pay rent, the building service office at Gamla Torget will put it to better use.

However, we will be back! Kollaboratoriet is keen to continue to play a role in all the great work that students, civil society and local partners are doing. Our goal is to locate and obtain a new space in the city centre when socially distanced meetings can resume. Campus education returns from June 15, read more here: https://rektorsbloggen.uu.se/2020/05/29/kravet-distansundervisning-lattas-upp/.

We are currently exploring possibilities of developing an online Kollaboratoriet platform to record and share all of our Kollaboratoriet stories. Watch this space for more news and updates in the coming months.

In the meantime, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has used Kollaboratoriet over the past few years: Thank you for the brilliant work and ideas! Take care of each other, keep the distance and keep collaborating!