March 10: Wild Ink Workshop with Caroline Ross

Join us for a hands-on workshop with British artist Caroline Ross, learning to make ink from plants, berries, and other materials that can be found around the city. This is an evening for people of all levels of experience.

This workshop is organized in collaboration with the Perspectives on Climate Change – Ecopsychology, Art and Narratives course at CEMUS.

When? March 10 at 17.15-20.00

Where? Kollaboratoriet Uppsala, Östra Ågatan 19

Cost for material: 80 SEK for students, 120 SEK for general public

Registration (max 20 people): Wild Ink Workshop registration

Caroline lives and works on an island on the River Thames, making drawings and paintings from wild and ancient materials. Although she trained as an artist for many years, throughout most of her art school education there was no mention of the craft of making art. The materials she learned to use were something that came from an art supply shop, with no thought as to where all those dried up plastic pens would go after they had been used.

But it is only in the past 200 years that coal and oil-based chemicals have provided the world of colours and tools that today’s art students take for granted. For 50,000 years before that, humans had been making art materials from earth, minerals and plants – and it is these older traditions which Caroline invites us to learn from.

Caroline’s own study of bushcraft, ‘primitive technologies’, earth skills, early and pre-Renaissance art techniques led her into a new way of working, reskilling and rewilding her artistic practice. Since 2016, she has been bringing her ‘shadow-making basket’ of materials and skills to share with others at festivals, workshops and courses. In the course of the session, you will have the chance to try making ink, quills and brushes, as well as ochre paint.

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