March 24: CEMUS film club presents Planet of the Humans by Jeff Gibbs

The third documentary in CEMUS new film club series can be watched here. Organize a watch party, watch at home or watch on your own. Check CEMUS Facebook and Twitter for links to watch parties or after movie Zoom, enjoy!

Week 12 – March 24

Planet of the Humans by Jeff Gibbs
Watch here:

CEMUS film club builds on the past film series we had in collaboration with Fyrisbiografen “Film och Framtid” (Film and Future) and other screenings in collaboration with directors and producers over the years. We hope to back in movie theaters or similar rooms in the autumn 2021, for now we will offer an online film series where you watch with the people you live with or organize a virtual watch party via platforms such as Scener, Squad or similar. The series this spring consist of documentaries connected to the many themes and issues that CEMUS focuses in our courses and outreach activities. If you have suggestions for films during the autumn please contact daniel.mossberg[a]