Deadline April 30: Apply for Global Citizenship Forum!

Matariki Global Citizenship Forum: How to Apply

Join colleagues from all seven Matariki Network of Universities partners at the second Global Citizenship Forum to be held at Durham University, United Kingdom, 8 – 11 July 2019.

We are delighted to advertise the opportunity for 2 students (undergraduate and/or postgraduate) to take part in the five day long Matariki Global Citizenship Forum on the topic of on the theme of Empowering Learners. Full travel, accommodation and subsistence costs will be covered by Uppsala University. This is a chance to come together with students from around the world to inspire, debate and learn how experiences of other university cultures could benefit your home student community in the context of global citizenship and education.

Apply through emailing by 30th April.


Uppsala University is an active member of the Matariki Network of Universities (MNU) an international group of leading like-minded universities focused on promoting excellence in research-led education whilst being recognised as flexible, modern, innovative and globally-oriented.

In April 2016 students and staff from across the network launched the Matariki Global Citizenship Programme at workshop at Uppsala University, Sweden (read more here and watch a clip about it here).

The Matariki Global Citizenship Programme serves as an umbrella for a variety of multi-institutional activities in education, research and engagement, and aims to involve people and activities both inside and outside the university. It aims to find ways for universities to critically explore their own implications, problems and potentials within the issues global citizenship encompasses. The overarching ethos of the Programme is expressed through three Programme Strands: Empowering Learners; Community Engagement; Creating Spaces for Dialogue.

A year later, two Durham students created a website for this new initiative, which you can browse here:

The second Forum The first Forum was hosted by Otago University, 30 July – 2 August 2018, on the theme of Community Engagement. Over 30 students and staff from the seven universities took part. Click here to read the initial reflections from one of the participants, and watch a clip about it here.


About of the Global Citizenship Forum

The Global Citizenship Forum will support the wider Global Citizenship Programme by providing a regular structured space for group interaction and exchange and for work to develop Programme activities.

It is envisaged that each Forum will include:

  1. A balance of research presentations, workshops, and project work
  2. A balance of academic discussion and development of practical action
  3. Opportunities for students who do not travel to the Forum to connect virtually with the event
  4. Opportunities for the wider community to participate, to bring in an element of place-based knowledge and action

The detailed content of the Forum will be driven by pre-forum discussions whereby the selected attending students and/or teams of students and staff from individual universities and/or groups of universities participate in the workshop design.

Durham have identified three broad sub-themes around empowering learners – student support & wellbeing; the wider student experience; and education and student unions – and plan to dedicate one day each to these, culminating in a one day public conference which participants from across the network take part in and present at.


Draft programme

7 July 2019: Arrivals & Welcome meeting in the evening

8 July 2019: Empowering learners through student support & wellbeing

  • Staff and students involved in various areas of student support and wellbeing (e.g. counselling, disability, sexual violence, substance misuse, peer support)
  • 10 minute presentations from 1-3 partner universities on relevant themes

9 July 2019: Empowering learners through the wider student experience

  • Uppsala Nations, Common Room Presidents, sports captains, PVC Colleges, Experience Durham, relevant student reps from partners universities
  • 10 minute presentations from 1-3 partner universities on relevant themes

10 July 2019: Empowering learners in the classroom: education & student unions

  • Facilitated by Durham Student Union, involving Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education
  • 10 minute presentations from 1-3 partner universities on relevant themes

11 July 2019: Empowering learners – Public Conference

  • Keynote on relevant higher education themes
  • Matariki student and staff groups (ideally cross-institutional) presentations
  • Workshops involving student reps and senior university management
  • Ends by 14:30.



The application process is open to full time undergraduate and postgraduate students of Uppsala University.

In selecting applications, consideration will be given to ensuring continuity between cohorts of students, relevant experience and engagement in the themes, and engaging larger numbers of students in the wider Programme.


Expectations of successful applicants  

Uppsala University will cover travel costs from Uppsala to Durham, accommodation, meals and travel insurance for the successful applicants.

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • Support the development and promotion of the Matariki Global Citizenship Programme in the lead up to the Forum
  • With your co-participants, prepare a 10-minute presentation
  • At agreed key intervals before, during and after the Forum, manage Uppsala’s presence on the online platforms of the Matariki Global Citizenship Programme (WordPress website, Facebook page and Twitter accounts, estimated 10 hours of work commitment in total)

Twitter/Instagram: @matarikigcp

  • Take photographs during the Forum
  • Write one blog post about your experience and/or on the theme, before/during or after the Forum, for the website.


Deadline for applications

The deadline for applications is 30 April 2019.
Decisions will be communicated by 2nd May.

Please motivate why you would like to come in an email and attach proof of registration to full time studies. For queries about the application process, please contact Laila Mendy at