November 10: Martin Hultman – Are we all climate skeptics?

Even though the science has been clear, for over twenty five years, that antroprogenic emissions are a big part of changing the earths climate, the much needed changes of the fossil-fuel-dependent life styles of the richest has yet to happen. An apocalyptic framing of climate change is met with conservative politics. This public lecture will map the climate change debate and discuss the positions and values of climate skeptics, industrial fatalists, green keynesianists and ecosocialists based on the book “Discourses of Global Climate Change”.Martin-hultman
Martin Hultman, transdisciplinary climate scientist from Tema Teknik och social förändring, Linköping university, will visit CEMUS and talk on the theme of “Are we all climate skeptics? Understanding different positions in the climate change debate”.
Time: November 10th // 16:15 – 18:00.
Place: Hambergsalen, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16, Uppsala.
Varmly welcome!