Oct 11: Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for David Graber – Uppsala & online

Welcome to the Uppsala (and online) event as part of the Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for David Graber!

Photo: Stewen Quigley

When: October 11 kl. 13.15-15.00

Where: On the front steps of the Linneanum (facing the castle) in the Botanical Garden (max 50 people and socially distanced), map: https://bit.ly/34qVfqp and online via

How: Bring your David Graeber texts, books, instruments to play or just anything to celebrate and remember David Graeber. You’re strongly encouraged to wear a carnival mask or anything similarly carnivalesque. The memorial will consist of us together reading aloud from our favourite parts of David’s books and texts, and hopefully someone playing something. The format will be a mock university class, teaching session, very much in the spirit of David’s anarchist work and life.


We will remain faceless because we refuse the spectacle of celebrity, because we are everyone, because the carnival beckons, because the world is upside down, because we are everywhere. By wearing masks, we show that who we are is not as important as what we want, and what we want is everything for everyone.David Graeber, 'Direct Action: an Ethnography'

Here’s the invitation text from David Graeber’s web page – don’t miss all the other online events around the world:

Thank you all of you who have stepped aside from your bullshit jobs or busy lives to help organise this shared moment of mourning together. There are events planned from Australia to Hawaii, Indonesia to Iran, Nigeria to Mexico, Rojova to the Zad. Some will be in occupied forests against motorways projects, others in university seminar rooms, some in radical cafés others in Free shops. Whilst small intimate memorial Carnivals take place in some corners of the world, others could be hundreds strong such as New York’s Zucotti Park (site of Occupy Wall Street) and Portabello road (David’s last home in London). From street corners to theater stages, live video feeds to squatted cemeteries, the 11th of October could enter history as the biggest memorial for an anarchist since Louise Michel’s 1905 funeral in Paris when 120,000 people chased the head of the police away from the funeral procession.

Much of the carnival will be live streamed from this site on the 11th. In the meantime we need friends and comrades, mourners and organisers, rebels and carnivalista to fill in this form so that we can coordinate and make as many of the events as possible accessible to as many folk as possible.

Read more about David Graeber: https://davidgraeber.industries/