Oct 12: Finding Our Way in the Dark – Pathways in the Shadow of Climate Change

Helena Granström, journalist and writer is now confirmed as a guest at the symposium!

Half-Day Symposium: Finding Our Way in the Dark – Pathways in the Shadow of Climate Change

Time: October 12th 12.00-17.00
Venue: Sigtunastiftelsen, Manfred Björquist Allé 4 , Sigtuna

How can we work for real change towards a more just and sustainable future in the seemingly endless flood of “bad news” surrounding us today – from escalating climate change and mass extinction of species to the destruction of livelihoods, wars and other humanitarian catastrophes?

How are the dominant ways of framing these interconnected challenges blinding us to what lies behind and affecting our individual and collective responses to them? What perspectives, new or old, could set the stage for a more humble and safe trajectory for our species and the more-than-human-world on planet earth?

In this half day symposium you will be able to explore these questions together with artists, scholars and actors from a variety of fields, with a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

The Symposium is arranged by CEMUS in collaboration with the Sigtuna Foundation.

Guests include: 

  • Kevin Anderson – Zennström visiting professor in Climate Change Leadership, Uppsala University
  • Ulf Danielsson – Author and Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University
  • Helena Granström – journalist and writer
  • Jonas Green – Poet and journalist
  • Hanna Wetterstrand – Researcher and practitioner, Stockholm Resilience Centre and KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

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