Oct 6: Kick Off Fika for CEMUS Festival!

When: Thursday, October 6th 15:15 – 17:00
Where: CEMUS Library, Geocentrum
(CEMUS Library is down the corridor on the right from the Main Entrance of Geocentrum)


What kind of festival would YOU like to participate in?

How would you like to celebrate the end of the semester with the new and old people that you’ve met and to wrap up your semester journey?

At the end of every semester, CEMUS organizes a festival to celebrate, share, and show off the great work that has been happening around CEMUS. Truly CEMUS style, the festival is co-created by students, coordinators & staff, and researchers & actors involved in CEMUS. The format of activities could be freely chosen and many things are open – and that is why we need your input and help!

This semester, we’re going to Kick Off this collaborative process with inviting you to a workshop to get your ideas on what would be a festival that YOU would like to participate in.


  • What would be a cool THEME that could guide the activities suitable to wrap up the semester and the year 2016?


  • What kind of ACTIVITIES would you like to participate in?


  • How could we create an exciting festival VIBE?

Festivals and celebrations look differently across different places… which means you bring different colors to our mix.

This is an open canvas, and the paintbrushes are in your hands.

We will bring the Fika, so bring yourself! New and untested ideas are most welcome, and of course just listening to other people’s ideas are perfectly OK too.



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