– CEMUS, ämnena, universitetet, Uppsala, världen och framtiden


Analyzing the world around us

– CEMUS, the subject areas, the university, Uppsala, the world and the future



What has changed during the close to 30 years since CEMUS first course started in 1992? How are the expectations, dreams and ideas of staff and students different now? What hopeful and not so hopeful trends do we see and feel when it comes student engagement? In what ways have CEMUS successfully brought together different groups, experiences and cultural backgrounds? What activeties would make the top 10 list of the very best of CEMUS over 30 years?

CEMUS — Begrepp / Concepts — Trender / Trends — Teman / Themes

Mainstream – past? Mainstream – now? Future?
Celsiushuset och Sal X Geocentrum och Norrland I & II Garden CEMUS?
Studentcentrum, studentdriven M&N, CEFO Centrum för hållbar utveckling och Geovetenskaper ZEMUS? XEMUS?

Ämnena – the subject areas

How has the many concepts, theories, perpectives and debates concerning environment, nature, development, humanity, sustainable development, sustainability, climate change, energy, equity, globalization, planetary boundries, anthropocene and many more key concepts changed over the last 30 years? What are the most urgent and central issues that CEMUS now focuses on? In what ways have the world become a better, more sustainable place and for whom? In what ways have the world become worse, less sustainable place and for whom? Which course themes and specific issues raised by CEMUS was in sync with at the time the current debates? Which themes and issues were ahead of their times?

General thematic trends — Begrepp / Concepts — Trender / Trends — Teman / Themes

Mainstream – past? Mainstream – now? Future?
Sustainable Development Sustainability
Tim Ingold: “Sustainability is everything”
That which sustains us?

Universitetet – the university

How have Uppsala’s two universities concretly though education, research and outreach acticities worked for a better world? How has the university as a societal actor and institution changed over the last decades? In what ways have CEMUS and similar initiatives been supported and not supported over the last 30 years? With sustainability and related issues highlighted and more broadly talked about, is there ways to measure and qualitatively understand the effectiveness of different university projects and more long term activeties?



What opportunities have opened up in Uppsala over the last decade? How well does Uppsala work as a base for CEMUS and how does CEMUS benefit Uppsala’s citizens? In what ways and where can different organizations and groups collaborate in Uppsala? How realistic are local sustainability and climate goals? And what is being done to achieve a sustainable, just and climate adpated Uppsala?

Världen och framtiden – the world and the future

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