Pedagogical tools, methods and themes at CEMUS

On this page we have collected a number of pedagogical tools, methods and themes that CEMUS courses have used or are currently using. Feel free to suggest new ones that you have used in a course. And if you want to workshop any of these concepts we can organize an in-depth session for course coordinators that are interested. Reuse, remix and recreate!

Sustainability Case Library

Using cases to promote active learning for sustainable development
How can we create a space for active learning, where students apply their knowledge to real world problems and develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills? A case is a real or constructed scenario that involves issues and conflicts that need to be resolved, though they usually do not have one clear or obvious solution. They may contain a description of the scenario as well as relevant background information such as graphs, stories or historical documents. Real or constructed cases are already used for teaching and learning within in the fields of law, economics and social sciences, but are not widely used within education for sustainable development. Cases can be used to shift focus from sustainability problems to solutions and strategies for a sustainable development.

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