November 24: Pella Thiel on Ecocide law – A Gamechanger in a Time of Chaos

Warmly welcome to an Open Lecture with Pella Thiel!

Date: Tuesday, November 24th
Time: 13-15pm
Location: Norrland I, Geocentrum

The whole world is looking for governance and solutions to problems like climate change, conflict and refugee crisis. Legislation at the very top level could shift how we deal with these issues. Polly Higgins, barrister, author and international environmental lawyer, is in Sweden to present her idea of an international law of Ecocide. In times of great change we need to look in new directions and connect with what is really important.

Unfortunately Polly Higgins had to cancel this session but taking over in her stead will be Pella Thiel: she is an ecologist working as an activist and change maker. She has during the last 2-3 years coordinated work in Sweden to raise awareness and build momentum around the idea of an international law of ecocide, in close cooperation with Polly Higgins. Pella is chairing the board of the Transition Network Sweden, Omställningsnätverket, and is also working with values for transition within the Common cause network.