Late submissions and Re-submissions at CEMUS

A common reexamination hand-in for all courses

After your course has finished, the Studium page for the course is closed and all further communication about finalising courses goes through the process described below. This is because we have students employed as course coordinators, and they tend to leave to do other things after having worked at CEMUS. To be able to streamline late hand-ins and resubmissions, we have designed a process where there are four opportunities to be re-assessed per year. Note: if you have missed a mandatory element in your course and it is still running, you should of course reach out to your course coordinators to get a chance to sort this out before the course ends.


There are four re-examination deadlines per year. Upcoming deadlines are:

22/1 (2024)

13/5 (2024)

12/8 (2024)

11/11 (2024)

27/1 (2025)

After the deadline has passed, all submitted assignments will be distributed to graders and examiners, and they will have 25 days to assess the submitted assignments. Assignments that are handed in between deadlines will be handled at the deadline.


  1. Send all your late submissions or resubmissions to the following email:
    • Make sure that you have written your name in the assignment file (we cannot handle reexamination anonymously)
    • Attach the hand-in as a .doc .docx or pdf file (other file formats, links and email text will not be detected by the hand-in system).
    • The attached file must contain at least 20-25 words to be recognized by the system as a hand-in.
    • Send one email per assignment you want to hand in.
    • Successful hand-ins will generate a “receipt” from the system.
  2. Fill in the form to help us identify who you are and what you have handed in. The form can be found here: Late and re-submissions Cemus (Kurt form)


More info

Are you unsure of what you need to do to finalise your course, or if you have questions about certain assignments (like how you can make up for a seminar) you can contact the current coordinators for the course you want to complete. You can also contact our educational coordinator Ewa Livmar In some instances, you may need a re-registration to finalize a course. Re-registration a specific semester is not guaranteed, and decisions on re-registrations are made in connection with each semester’s start. Contact us well in advance if you would like to be re-registered to a course and we will investigate if we can offer you a re-registration.