Research articles: Action for Sustainability in Higher Education

New articles published in LUMAT-B: International Journal on Math, Science and Technology Education by CEMUS Staff Isak Stoddard, Jakob Grandin, Sanna Gunnarsson, and Sara Andersson.

Funded by the Nordplus Higher Education, CEMUS was part of a project called ‘Action for Sustainability in Higher Education (ActSHEN)’to explore student-driven pedagogy in sustainability in higher education, together with partners from University of Iceland, University of Helsinki, and University of Turku.

“It feels almost surreal”: Being strategic about how we design participation in order to enlarge the space of the possible.

by Jakob Grandin, Sanna Gunnarsson and Sara Andersson

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Copy but don’t paste: From student-led to collaborative action for sustainability in higher education

by Isak Stoddard


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