Final program for the Sustainability Festival May 26 published

CEMUS Sustainability Spring Festival – May 26, 2016

Project Fair at 10.00-13.00, Blåsenhus Foyer, von Kramers Allé

>>> Student Projects from the course Sustainable Development – Project Management and Communication

>>> Student Projects from the course Sustainable Design – Ecology, Culture and Human Built Worlds

>>> Posters from the course Climate Change Leadership – Power, Politics and Culture

>>> Sustainable transportation project – the UU robotics club, a robot for sustainable transportation

>>> Community based Ecotourism and Fairtrade in the Mekong Region

>>> Project for reduced food waste, Anton Fjodorov & Sheng Joevenller

>>> Final report from the Uppsala University’s project Active Student Participation, ASP

>>> CEMUS course development work station – sit down/standup and create a suggestion for a new course at CEMUS 2017-2018


Workshop and Movie screenings at 10.15-13.00, Blåsenhus, von Kramers Allé

Room 12:010
10.15-12.00 Workshop with the campus project LivsmeDela, reducing food going to waste,
Learning Lab
10.15-11.45 Koyaanisqatsi (on multiple screens)

12.15-12.45 Documentary on Community based Ecotourism and Fairtrade in the Mekong Region


Parallel sessions at 13.15-15.00, Blåsenhus rooms and lecture halls, von Kramers Allé

Betty Pettersson Lecture Hall
Open lectures by Gloria Rotolo and Paulina Rytkönen “Scale, Security and Sustainability
– Challenges for Agriculture in the 21st Century”
Learning Lab
Open talk: “Does sustainability need fiction?: Imagination, Future Worlds, Design Fiction, and Diegetic Prototypes”, Lakin Anderson, CEMUSInsitute For The Future
Room 12:229
Connections between sustainability and peace through case studies, story telling and world cafe, Rishabh Khanna, IofC Sverige and TSSEF
Room 12:231
Tre studentledda tematiska workshops, arrangerat av studenter på kursen Hållbar utveckling – värderingar, världsbilder och visioner – avslutas kl. 16.00.
>> 13.15-14.00 – “Entreprenörskap för en bättre värld” med Sofia Carlsson
>> 14.15-15.00 – “Varför gör vi så lite när vi vet så mycket? – Om attitydet till miljö och natur” med Elli Hämynen

Room 12:231
>> 15.15-16.00 – “Hur hållbart är enfald? – Om social hållbarhet i en organisation” med Johanna Dahlberg Larsson

Parallel sessions at 15.15-17.00, Blåsenhus rooms and lecture halls, von Kramers Allé

Betty Pettersson Lecture Hall
Report back from Bonn on the UNFCCC session
Learning Lab
Poetry reading and writing workshop with Jonas Gren, poet, journalist and scholar
Room 12:229
Online toolkit for youth workers with narratives, games and activities to empower youth to be the force for change in the society workshop/lecture with Alisa Siderenko, RELEARN Suderbyn
Room to be announced
TO BE CONFIRMED – Round table discussion with the Economy for the Common Good Uppsala

Party, music, poetry, art starting at 17.15, VENUE CHANGED TO CEMUS LIBRARY DUE TO WEATHER

17.15 Welcome to an evening of…

17.30 Festivities, poetry reading, music and open mic/stage

19.00 Live music by Garland

In my music project Garland, I work with mixing organic sounds and digital tools, mainly by live-sampling the viola, percussion and voice. A key factor in the live-sampling performance is the possibility for the audience to trace the growth of the arrangement as it develops, resulting in a mindful listening, hearing the details in the full arrangement. Also, the inevitable possibility of accidents and errors mean that such improvisations become part of the composition. Lyrically, while the project often touches on personal topics of relationships, it also refects my concerns as a human being in a world where image is becoming more important than identity, and where the same old stories abound, while stories about our interdependence and common fate are more or less neglected.