Sep 24: Beyond the fences of climate justice with Bayo Akomolafe – online

Welcome to an open, online event with Bayo Akomolafe, Poet, Philosopher, Psychologist and Professor, “Beyond the fences of climate justice”

When: Thursday September 24 kl. 18.30-20.15

“When times are urgent, let us slow down” In troubling times, Akomolafe offers us a sobering invitation to ground ourselves. What does it mean to slow down in times of impending climate catastrophe?

This semester in the Climate Change Leadership in Practice class at CEMUS, we have been reading Akomalafe’s book “These Wild’s Beyond Our Fences”. Through a series of letters to his daughter, he explores “humanity’s search for home”. These readings have taken us on a journey of decolonization, feminist epistemologies, rich stories, crossroads and monsters. Instead of shrinking away from these monsters, we are invited to look a little closer, get to know them a little better, maybe even hug them.

Please join us at this open lecture and conversation, for what promises to be an engaging evening.

Read more about Bayo Akomolafe and his work here: