Student, staff magazines and creative content

On this page we have collected student magazines that you can contribute to and some of the creative content and writings from CEMUS more recent history.

Active magazines and pages you can contribute to

The Critical Interference Podcast at CEMUS

From Uppsala, Sweden we bring you critical conversations, disruptive ideas on how to change the world one small, systemic step at a time.

Sustainability, climate, power, justice, education and all sorts of initiatives gets examined and dicussed in an open and intense format.

CEMUS, the Centre for Environment and Development Studies and Uppsala University and SLU, has since 1992 been working to save the world, with sustainability courses, research and outreach events, activities and projects.

This Podcast was made with the Anchor platform and you can find the Podcast at your regular distributors. You can leave voice messages to us at or interact via social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Intro music “Discovery” by Scott Holmes music (Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0).

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Archived pages

GETTING WARMER – Science, society and everything in between

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Staff travel logs

CEMUS goes Britain! Climate Change, Ecopreneurship and the Ragged University by Isak Stoddard

The CEMUS Diaries – Stories from past, present and future

FLOOD – a student-run magazine about sustainability

ceMuse – Environmental, Social and Economic News Site with a TWIST

ceMuse is a student-run magazine in which students of CEMUS provide commentary and in-depth pieces on topics that are interesting and important to us; topics that we study here at the university, topics and interests that we pursue outside of school—anything within the over-arching theme of Sustainable Development.