Wanted: Student Coordinators for Uppsala Student Sustainability Day and Sustainability Slam!

3-5 Student Coordinators for Uppsala Student Sustainability Day and Sustainability Slam wanted!

Students are organizing themselves around sustainability and climate change more than ever, putting pressure both on their universities (Klimatstudenterna) and their future employers (Studentmanifest för ett ekologiskt uppvaknande). Empowering students to take action, along with opening up for a discussion around education and research on sustainability with the wider society has never been more important.  

In May 2019 CEMUS will organize a one day event consisting of a day program exclusive for students and an evening program open for the public. The day program will be a platform for students who aim to work with or contribute to a more sustainable society during or after their studies. It will complement their curricular studies with knowledge and skills important when working with sustainability. The evening program will be open to the public aiming to bring education and research in sustainable development through a different kind of setting – a sustainability slam – making it more accessible and interesting to a wider audience.

CEMUS is now looking for 3-5 students to take part in a creative and challenging coordinating role where you will plan, organize, deliver and evaluate the two events outlined above.


What you will do
As coordinator for Uppsala Student Sustainability Day your task will be to plan, organize and carry out a one-day program for students interested in sustainability and a Sustainability Slam open for the public in the evening. The teams of coordinators will work together with staff from CEMUS and:

  • Develop, design and plan the program for the Sustainability Day
  • Invite relevant actors to host workshops/lectures etc. during the day
  • Market the event to students at UU, SLU and beyond
  • Manage and market the “Call for contributions” to the Sustainability Slam
  • Market the Sustainability Slam to the public
  • Manage practical issues and host the Sustainability Day and the Sustainability Slam
  • Take part in meetings and workshops with the Outreach team at CEMUS
  • Build on existing, and initiate new, collaborations with relevant actors


What we are looking for
The coordinating team will consist of 3-5 students, ideally representing different study backgrounds, creating a transdisciplinary team. As a coordinator we expect you are:

  • Motivated and passionate about contributing to a more sustainable society
  • Have an interest in empowering students and working with student engagement
  • Take initiative and can work independently, while being able to collaborate in a larger team
  • Can manage and prioritise numerous parallel tasks

Skills and experiences that will be relevant to bring to the team are:

  • Project management
  • Event organization
  • Media and communication
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Student mobilization
  • Student engagement and participation

Please note, that while the above skills and experiences are a merit, selection will also be based on personal suitability.


What we offer
Before, during and upon completion of Uppsala Student Sustainability Day, we can offer you:

  • A network of partners that work within sustainability
  • Training in project management through internal workshops
  • A written reference alluding to your work efforts and achievements in the project

The Uppsala Student Sustainability Day will act as a platform to deal with pressing sustainability issues. These positions are an opportunity for you to get creative and explore these issues within a transdisciplinary team, all the while honing in on skills you want to develop further and learning new ones. In addition, you will strengthen and expand your sustainability network by utilising existing collaborations between CEMUS and others and by reaching out to other actors and form new collaborations.

To kickstart the planning process, we can offer you training in project management through an internal workshop series exclusive to the coordinator team. As the planning continues and the Sustainability Day comes to fruition, the coordinators will gain skills in various areas including project management, leadership, marketing, communication and event organization and collaboration.

Upon completion of the Uppsala Student Sustainability Day, coordinators can receive a written reference from the Forum Team at CEMUS, alluding to their work efforts and achievements.


Terms of Employment
These positions are temporary and are offered on a voluntary basis from 21st January 2019 until 31st May 2019.


Application opens December 15th and closes January 7th 2019. Apply through the following form:



Contact Sanna Gunnarsson, outreach coordinator, sanna.gunnarsson@cemus.uu.se