Sustainability Hub at Uppsala University – kick off meeting 29/9, 16.00

Wouldn’t it be great to study at a university where students and staff work together for sustainability in both the education and research we do, the running of campus and buildings, and in collaboration with the community? A place where students can develop and put into practice their ideas for more sustainable societies and a hub for all kinds of exciting activities?

Sadly, Uppsala still has a long way to go. CEMUS is doing a big part in providing courses and a platform for students, but still only a tiny percentage of students meet sustainability in their time at university. In many other universities in Europe and beyond, students and staff are setting up Green Offices – these are sometimes called Sustainability Hubs or Sustainability Offices. These have become enabling platforms that make it possible for students and staff to do so much more for improving their university. We would like to have one here! We’re already working with the educational coordinators and other people at UU, and are in the starting phase of trying to make this hub a reality. Want to hear more and help make it happen? Come to our first brainstorm of the semester,

Tuesday SEPT. 29th, 16.00 in the CEMUS Library.

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