The Swedish Carbon Cycle Video Archive

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June 30, Uppsala-Visby

South bound: A message on the road to Almedalen


June 28, Gävle-Uppsala

Homeward bound: Soaring spires and skylarks’song

Birthday battle and breeze
Who’s future matters?
Dead wood, Gävle and power to act

June 27, Uppsala-Gävle

Reflections from Sofia Lindström during 20km walk to public event in Gävle (click image to download video)

Morning reflections from Uppsala, leaving for Gävle


June 21, Gothenburg

Afternoon thoughts from Gothenburg – Concerned and reflective engagement from civil society, local authorities and academia

Reflections from Susanna Melchior after attending Swedish Carbon Cycle event
Reflections from Bo Norrman after attending public seminar in Gothenburg
Seminar in Gothenburg with civil servants engaged in local climate change transitions


June 20, Halmstad-Göteborg

Morning thoughts from Halmstad – Transport emissions and disjuncture between local and national policy-making on climate


June 19, Malmö-Halmstad

Reflections on agriculture, the private sector and climate mitigation

Short report from the bike during a reprieve from strong headwind
Leaving Malmö for Ängelholm

June 18, Lund-Malmö

Reflections from Erik Karlsson after Public event in Lund (click image to download)

Three talks and a short cycle in Skåne


June 17, Strängnäs-Lund

A cup of tea on the road – Passive houses, individual action and political leadership

On the road towards Lund

June 16, Uppsala-Strängnäs

Update from Strängnäs – Windmills and Yachts in the shadow of climate change

Leaving Uppsala
Through the streets of Uppsala

June 15, Uppsala

Reflections after public event in Uppsala: Rafael Waters, Socialdemokrat i Uppsala Kommunfullmäktige

Kevin Anderson at Naturfest 2018: Do we love our children?

Kevin Anderson at Naturfest 2018: On love, the swedish elections and climate change leadership