Video and further reading, listening & watching from Doreen Stabinsky & Isak Stoddard

Doreen Stabinsky: Learning resources on racial and climate justice

Podcasts: Seeing White, 1619 Project
Black leaders and writers of the civil rights movement to read and listen to: Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Angela Davis, James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, John Lewis
Book: Begin Again by Eddie S. Glaude Jr.
Black leaders of climate justice movements now (these are just two of a large group of amazing leaders!): Mary Annaise Heglar, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, summer reading list on climate justice:
Films: Selma, When the Levees Broke

Isak Stoddard: Referenced reading

Jensen, D. (2004). Walking on Water: Reading, Writing, Revolution.

Anderson, K., Broderick, J. & Stoddard, I. (2020). A factor of two: how the mitigation plans of ‘climate progressive’ nations fall far short of Paris-compliant pathways. Carbon Policy.

IPCC (2018). Special Report: Global Warming of 1.5C.

UN (2015). The Paris Agreement.

Le Quere et al. (2020). Temporary reduction in daily global CO2 emissions during the COVID-19 forced confinement. Nature Climate Change.

Further Reading/Listening (a few sources of inspiration to Sustainability slam)

Latour, B. (2018). Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climate Regime.

Hine, D. (2016). When the maps run out.

Hine D. & Rieser I. (2020). A World of many worlds. Forest of Though Podcast.

Johansson P. & Schuldt E. (2019). Olja. Myter & Mysterier Podcast [in Swedish]

Stirling, A. (2020). Does the dillusion of climate control do more harm than good to climate disruption? Steps Centre Blog.