CEMUS World Tour 2017 – Call for alumni-organized tour stops

A year of celebrating 25 years of student-led education, 20 years as joint Uppsala University and SLU centre, 15 years of transdisciplinary research and research education

Join us in celebrating CEMUS and all the people that made it happen, and discussing the past, present and future environment, development and sustainability issues.

The CEMUS World Tour is a crowd-sourced, do-it-yourself, anything goes, around the world, in-real-life (and online) series of events. The idea is that you as an alumni (former student, staff, guest lecturer, CEMUS friend) or presently at CEMUS come up with an idea for an event, meeting, conference, mini-festival (basically anything) that is open or invitation only. It could be regular lectures, music, slam-poetry, starting your own CEMUS meeting with us in Uppsala, art workshop, dinner party with fellow alumni, creativity is encouraged. It could be only you or a large crowd. When you have a rough idea of what you want to do and a date, time fill out the form below. The tour starts in Uppsala January 16 at 18.15 with the lecture, mingle, and comes back to Uppsala for the grand finale party on November 25 where it ends.