Climate Change Leadership – MOOC

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Photo of astronaut working on a spation or ship with blue Earth with clouds in the background

Introduction to complex challenges and possibilities for change

Welcome to week 3 of the course, during this week you’ll learn more about and discuss the following questions:

  • Is climate change a new type of challenge that in itself is more complex than previous societal and environmental problems during humanity’s history or could it be viewed as a possibility to change relationships, communities and the world into a better place?
  • How can we work on different levels to bring about change?
  • How will transboundry water management look like in a world with climate change?
  • What can and cannot technology do in relationship to climate change?
  • Who is responsible for climate change?
  • How can we link and create better maps for understanding the interconnected issues that relates to climate change?

During this week we’ll focus more on discussion which requires more of your active participation in the comment and discussion areas. The pedagogical idea is that you’ll learn more from interacting and discussing the issues in the course than by just taking in knowledge.


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