Climate Change Leadership – MOOC

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Week 1: Putting climate change leadership into context: past and present

Welcome to the course

During this part you will get to know the course team, meet the educators, get a summary of the different themes and introduce yourself.

1.1 Welcome to the course, week 1 and meet the team VIDEO (01:56)

1.2 Meet our educators VIDEO (06:39)

1.3 What will you learn in this course? ARTICLE

1.4 Introduce yourself – your gifts, passions, purpose and values DISCUSSION

Taking stock of the Paris Agreement

This part takes a closer look at the Paris Agreement and climate change targets.

1.5 Living within our carbon budget: the role of politics, technology and personal action VIDEO (05:13)

1.6 Climate change impacts and vulnerabilities ARTICLE

1.7 The UNFCCC and the outcomes of the Paris Agreement VIDEO (12:07)

1.8 The 2° target in the Paris Agreement VIDEO (07:40)

1.9 Climate change and the Paris Agreement QUIZ

A historical view on humanity, nature and climate

In this part you’ll learn about the history behind the current situation; the Anthropocene, great acceleration, great divergence – and the importance of making visible the things that changes slowly.

1.10 Humanity and nature: the long history of the world VIDEO (07:22)

1.11 Can history be the story of different stories? ARTICLE

1.12 Slow violence in the Anthropocene ARTICLE

Climate change leadership in your own context

Summary and discussion on week 1.

1.13 Climate change leadership in your own context DISCUSSION

1.14 Further reading ARTICLE