Climate Change Leadership – MOOC


Further reading

This is a list of optional further readings on the themes of Week 1. Please add your own suggestions at Twitter and Facebook.


CEMUS and student-led education

Hald, M. (ed) (2011). Transcending Boundaries – How CEMUS is Changing How we Teach, Meet and Learn. Uppsala: Centrum för miljö- och utvecklingsstudier i Uppsala (CEMUS).


Climate change impacts and vulnerabilities

Kevin Anderson’s blog Comment on climate.

IPCC (2014). Climate Change 2014 – Synthesis Report. Summary for Policy Makers.

Hansen, James E. (2009). Storms Of My Grandchildren. New York: Bloomsbury USA.


The Paris Agreement

UNFCCC (2015). Adoption of the Paris Agreement.

Anderson, K. (2015). Talks in the city of light generate more heat. Nature, vol 528, December 2015.


Global environmental history

Corona, G. (2009) “On Nature and Power: Interview with Joachim Radkau.” Global Environment 3 (2009): 262–77.

Malm, A. (2016). Fossil capital: the rise of steam-power and the roots of global warming. London: Verso.

Steffen, W. et. al. (2015) The trajectory of the Anthropocene: The Great Acceleration. The Anthropocene Review, April 2015 vol. 2 no. 1 81-98.


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