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A photo of a man in office talking over the phone in the 1950's

Coast and Geodetic Survey seismologist communicating with colleague, photo NOAA.

Introduction to leadership, communication and climate change

Welcome to week 4 of the course! This week, we’ll begin by exploring what principles and skills a leader might need when working with climate change: What does leadership mean to you? What will you need to learn to be an effective leader? How can you facilitate leadership in other people? How can leaders care for themselves and others and avoid burn-out?

We’ll then take a look at different ways to communicate about climate change and engage people in action. We’ll examine how different speakers frame climate discourse, and how different media, such as visual art, literature and music, can be used to communicate in a different way. How might you speak to people in your context about climate change?

Drawing on these two sections and the previous weeks of the course, you’ll being to think about your own climate change plan: think about what strengths you have as a leader, and what could be improved or complemented by others. When you have an idea for a topic, you can begin researching. As part of this you’ll go on a self guided field trip to a relevant site of your choice and investigate the history and future of a place.


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