Transdisciplinary Research for a Better World

Collaboration with researchers at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has been one of the key ingredients in student-led education and Forum activities at CEMUS since the very beginning. Researchers are engaged as guest lectures and in course work groups. CEMUS board has since the start of the centre in 1997 also included researchers from all faculties at Uppsala University and SLU. Below you find three research activities that we are working with at the moment


Climate Change Leadership
Doreen Stabinsky is Uppsala University’s first holder of the Zennström Visiting Professorship in Climate Change Leadership. She took up the position on February 1st 2015 and is contributing to the establishment of a world-leading node in the area of climate change leadership, that will be unique, both in Sweden and internationally.

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CEFO (CEMUS Research Forum) 

CEFO is a transdisciplinary research forum open to researchers and PhD-students at Uppsala University, SLU and other universities in Sweden. CEFO activities focus on environment, development and sustainability studies. We collaborate with other universities and departments to enrich research education through our transdisciplinary Sustainability Seminars, PhD courses, workshops, lectures and field trips. CEFO was initiated by PhD-students, staff and students at CEMUS in 2002 as a research school between Uppsala University and Swedish Agricultural University (SLU).


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Past Activities and Collaborations

Framebreaking Fridays Research Seminars
A collaboration between CEMUS, Riksteatern and the Research Node Mind and Nature. An exploratory research seminar in the era of ecological unravelling and social unrest in which we live. Once a month, an international guest artists joins us to initiate a conversation that explores spaces in-between: Between disciplines, between the world of art and academia, and between humanity and the more than human world. [Read more].



You can find the list of publications on the CSD web post here