April 12: Screening of “Historjá – Stygn for Sápmi”

Welcome to a screening of the documentary “Historjá – Stygn for Sápmi” at Fyrisbiografen/cinema!

When: April 12 kl. 20.30

Where: Fyrisbiografen, S:t Olofsgatan 10, 753 12 Uppsala

Buy a ticket here: https://bio.se/bokning/cinemaId/7/sessionId/6840

The documentary will have English subtitles. See trailer further down.

Artist Britta Marakatt-Labba has for decades depicted the indigenous Samí people’s mythology, relation to nature and political struggle. Now she is facing one last fight; the battle for her culture against the threats of climate change. Read more here: https://fyrisbiografen.se/historja-stygn-for-sapmi-eng-text